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"i honestly believe the key to my success as an actor and my progress as a person is the very lack of self that used to make me feel so anxious and insecure." Thandie Newton, TED Talk: “Embracing Otherness, Embracing Myself” 

BRILLIANT. seriously, carve out 13 minutes of your day and watch this. there are so many moving moments in her incredibly honest and thought-provoking talk. i’m so grateful that i heard this and that i’m able to share it here. this is the epitome of what it is to “create the dialogue. be the change.”

also, she says this: “…but nature had it’s wicked way and brownbabies were born.” this brilliant, beautiful, incredibly talented woman (and one of my all-time fave actors) said “brownbabies”. i mean, that’s awesome. :)

thank you for posting this, lavidaesuncarnaval.

create the dialogue.

be the change.